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Be Careful When Choosing Dairy Products !

If you can, try and purchase organic dairy products. You can find organic milk, cheese, yogurt, butter and ice cream on various health websites. You can also find these dairy products in supermarkets and health stores as well. Stay away from dairy products that have not been verified from a trusted brand.

When your shopping, just ensure your looking for package labels that shows that the dairy cows have not been given antibiotics, growth hormones, or anything other than organic (pesticide-free) feed or grain.

Here are some high-quality accessible brands of organic dairy products:

  1. Organic Valley
  2. Horizon Organic







When buying dairy products, you probably might want to check out raw dairy products- i.e., natural products that haven’t been either pasteurized or homogenized.


Homogenized and Pasteurization Dangers

Pasteurization is a heating process used to kill bacteria. Pasteurization has its pros and cons. The pros of this heating process is that it kills the bacteria we don’t want. The cons of this heating process is that it slays all the important and indispensable enzymes which naturally occurs in the milk. Pasteurization helps are products maintain longevity. Basically, the shelf life of these products are long lasting.

Homogenization is a mechanical process. This process involves whipping whole milk so prudently that the healthy clumps of butterfat are transformed into microscopic spheres of fat. These microscopic spheres of fat are suspended in the water-like portion of the milk.

You can find raw cheese in almost every health store. Raw milk on the other hand is arduous to obtain. In California raw milk is permitted to be sold in stores, in most states its in-prohibited. As an alternative, people buy raw milk at small dairy farms.

You can find some milk that have been pasteurized but not homogenized. For instance, if you see cream collected at the top of containers of yogurt and bottles of milk, they have not been homogenized.

Some researchers believe that an over consumption of homogenized milk can lead to hardening of the arteries. Studies even shows that people in countries that consumes large amounts of homogenized milk, heart attack is higher as so as the death rate. They also have discovered that in other countries where the milk is not homogenized, the death rate for heart attacks is much lower, even if the diet is high in cholesterol.

If you want more information on this topic readThe XO Factor: Homgenized Milk May Cause Your Heart Attack”, by Kurt Oster, M.D.

Here’s some sources of non homogenized yogurt:

  1. Erivan Yogurt.
  2. Brown Cow Yogurt. This popular brand of non homogenized yogurt is available everywhere in supermarkets nationwide.
  3. Stonyfield Organic. In one year alone, their organic ingredient purchases keeps more than 185000 1bs of toxic pesticides from the air, land and water.


  1. I hasn’t heard of organic milk before but it does make sense. Thank you for the video. Will have to try this kind of milk.

  2. I typically use non-dairy milk such as almond, coconut or cashew. Do you like to use those also? Although I still eat meat, I am noticing that I gravitate towards a lot of plant based options… keep up the great work on your site! 🙂

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