Necessary Tips for Savvy Consumers

Food Purity and Safety

Most foods, as we all know, are much much different from the foods are grandparents were used to. If you have noticed, foods that tastes great are arduous to find. Most commercial produce is monochrome and unappealing. It isn’t that easy finding fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, melons, carrots, peaches, and various others that are rich and flavorful as they’re meant to be. Are fruits and vegetables contain bitter flavor due to the deficiency of nutrients in them. Consumers must understand that fruits and vegetables lose a lot of nutrition value because of the lengthy time from the shipping process and product distribution, along with warehousing.

There is still a bunch of places where savvy consumers can obtain natural freshly grown chemical and toxin free meats, produce, and dairy products. There are healthy store alternatives like, health food stores, food co-ops, farmers’s market and so on and so forth. In this day in age organic produce is becoming more popular! About 1/2 of all super-markets in the U.S.A have small but growing selections of organic products. If you’ve noticed, there has been an increase in demand for quality food due to consumer choice. The CROPP cooperative has statistics that tells us that organic food is expanding by approximately 20% every year!




The Reason Consumers are straying from Toxins 

  • Even though organic food is more expensive than commercial produce, demand is outpouring because consumers are interested in food that’s safe and great tasting.
  • Consumers are tired of the same old monochrome food and they are tired of gambling with their health.
  • People around the world especially Americans are starting to see that organic food is a sound investment for their health.
  • Consumers understand that low quality food plays a toll on your body, which can lead to negative outcomes in the long run.
  • People are tired of gambling with their health.

Food for Thought

It would be wise to incorporate natural high-quality food into your diet whether you considered it or not. It isn’t indispensable to become a contaminant free activist, i.e., avoiding all contaminated food. Please don’t be a fanatic about avoiding all contaminated foods. It would be impossible to avoid all contaminated foods as Paul Chek says “some organic farms are affected from blown-ins from other countries.” On the other hand it is important to be cautious of the serious hazards of modern agricultural practices. It would be sagacious to implement healthy eating habits into your diet.

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  1. I agree. You hear stuff all the time about certain foods being healthy or not healthy. So it can lead to people being sick of gambling and just eating whatever.
    Thanks for sharing.

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