The Few Reasons Protein is so Overrated!

Nothing but Hype

There’s a few pointers I would like to make about all the protein hype. There is a lot of myths, hype, and misunderstandings on this subject matter. There’s a lot of media hype and skilled advertisers. Advetisers target bodybuilders and average people, someone who doesn’t know much about the damage that can be done over a long period of time. With that being said, we will go over some of the issues in this series, in relation to all the protein isolate and concentrate propaganda.

I’m certain that most would agree that candy bars are quick and easy to access. They’re very convenient, especially when your in a hurry. Candy bars taste sweet, but they can be addictive. Since we all know that candy bars are inadequate for are dietary needs, we all turn the other direction. When we turn the other direction, what direction are we turning towards?

You may have guessed right! Estupendo! I think you may have got the correct answer. Energy bars are the answer! Energy bars look and taste like candy bars. The shelf life of energy bars are everlasting. There is a lot of hype about protein bars, thanks to advertising, these “energizers” can be consumed without knowing how toxic they can be.

Energy bars, such as the Power Bar and the Source Bar claimed that they used natural sweeteners. These energy bars contained ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and juice concentrates- along with nuts and dried fruits. First thing you must know and understand is that a synthesis of (HFCS) and juice concentrates is nothing but added carbs. In other words, its added carbohydrates.

Low Quality Protein

The protein bar frenzy became a huge trend with the occurrence of whey proteins and cheap soy that could make a “high-protein” bar. The BioZone bars from Barry Sears were the first of these, with emulators following, including Balance Bars and ZonePerfect Bars.

There’s really nothing natural about the energy bars of today’s century. Soy protein has phytic acid in it along with others, such as enzyme inhibitors and isoflavones. Toxic chemicals are formed due to high-temperature chemical processing which includes nitrates, lysinalanine and MSG. Soy protein is processed in order to help reduce the levels of phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. That’s why soy protein is processed at high temperatures on an extreme level. This process makes the situation worse and degenerates the protein found in soy. Lysine is a primal example of an important protein nutrient, which is unavailable to the body due to the heating process.

whey protein is naturally fragile, because of this it must be processed at low temperatures. If whey protein is processed at high temperatures its quality as a protein is abolished. This is why casein is used in animal chow rather than whey protein. When butter, cheese and cream were fabricated on the farm, the whey and skim milk were given to the chickens and pigs. In today’s society these products are created in factories. This industry has issues, this problem is solved by drying the skim milk and whey at high temperatures and placing the powders into energy drinks, body building powders and protein bars.

Bad Chemicals

High fructose corn syrup (or concentrated fruit juices, which are high in fructose), an ingredient shown to be worse for test animals than sugar. These energy bars also contains ingredients such as, “natural” fiber from oats, apples, soy and citrus. Maltodextrin is also considered a fiber source. “Natural flavors,” and other synthetic vitamins are included so the “energizers” are “healthy”. The fat source in most energy bars is usually palm kernel, palm or coconut oil, by the way that is  a good thing.

Whey protein and soy protein isolate are the waste products of cheese and soy oil industries.  Apple and lemon fiber are also waste products.

Soy lecithin is another common ingredient, also a waste product of the soy oil industry.  In other words, most ingredients are anything but natural. Here’s a video that explains the dangers of non-organic protein powders.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you have any query’s or concerns let me know and I will be more than glad to assist you.



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