Stress isn’t the Best-The Reason Stress Is A Killer!

Researchers Exposes The Damaging Properties Of Stress!

Are you stressed out about life, college, a relationship? Is there a job your at that you hate? Is your boss stressing you out? there is actually living proof and reasons as to why you could be feeling sick and destroying your immune system.

Researchers proofs that your 9 to 5 job that you stress about consistently, can be just as horrible as junk food! Yes, junk food and stress are equal to one another! Working in a stressful environment is just as unhealthy as processed junk!

Stress is the same as eating a really bad diet. Researchers from Brigham Young University in Utah have proven this. These scientists ran lab tests. Tests in female mice showed digestive micro organisms in the gut alter when they are stressed out.

Its been proven countless of times. Stress is not just psychological! Stress isn’t something that just screws you up mentally. Stress can also have a great impact on your physical biological make up. they even go to say that this could also be the reason why women have higher rates of depression and anxiety.

“Stress can be harmful in a lot of ways, but this research is novel in that it ties stress to female specific changes in the gut microbial,” as the author of the research, Laura Bridgewater has stated.

“We sometimes think of stress as a purely psychological phenomenon, but it causes distinct physical changes.”









The researchers examined a big group of 8 week old mice. The researchers were trying to find the link between metabolic health and stress. They put half of the female and male mice on a high-fat diet. This test ran for about 16 weeks. Within these 16 weeks both female and male mice were exposed to mild stress for 18 consecutive days.

Researchers actually discovered that the male mice were more anxious than the female mice. These are some of the results from the high-fat diet.

Male rats were less active. Female rats were more active than there male counterparts. The interesting thing is that the female mice were more susceptible to physical changes, due to the high-fat diet.


High Fat Diet, Testing for Biological Alterations

Testing for specific changes in gut

There was physical changes in the gut bacteria and Bridgewater states here, “The findings could have big implications for humans and society”. Bridgewater also states that, “in society, women tend to have higher rates of depression and anxiety, which are linked to stress.”

“This study suggests that a possible source of the gender discrepancy may be the different ways gut microbiota responds to stress in males and females.” Studies have shown that people who our stressed are less conscious and unaware of there surroundings.

All in All, the female mice bodies exemplified it’s chemistry as if it were on a high-fat diet, all due to high stress levels. The crazy thing is that the same exact effects didn’t occur in males,  Bridgewater takes on this study “suggests that a possible source of the gender discrepancy may be the different ways gut microbiota responds to stress in males vs. females.”

Here’s a quick video summarizing the stress complexity.


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