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The Truth About Soy-Is it Good or Bad? First of all, I am sure most of you at some point in time have heard of soy protein. There is a few people that have heard

The Truth About Soy-Is it Good or Bad?

First of all, I am sure most of you at some point in time have heard of soy protein. There is a few people that have heard of the negative approach that factory farms use. Consequently, there is probably a lot of people that can’t consume dairy milk for whatever reason, whether it be milk intolerance etc. Moreover, some people have to stay away from animal products and that’s why some folks use soy or other alternatives. Secret snake oil salesman probably did not encourage you to stay away from processed soy. Generally speaking, most of us including me are taught that soy is compatible with are biological chemistry. I have discovered what I believe is the truth and I found some inside information.

Can Humans Eat Soy or Not?

Lets just take a moment and see things from a biological perspective. People tend to forget that plants thrive to survive. Plants protect themselves through the production of different chemical agents. A perfect example, caffeine is produced by some plants. Caffeine is a chemical mechanism that disrupts short term memory, therefore, reducing the chances of the animal eating the caffeine plant. This process impedes the animal’s memory which means the animal will forget the location of the plant.

There’s a multitude of chemicals produced by plants. Over lengthy periods of time, humans and animal’s learn how to acclimate by neutralizing the plant chemicals in foods suitable to it. Due to environmental exposure are bodies dictates which plants and chemicals to process for our own survival.

Are DNA adapts to new proteins and toxins. Dr. Loren Cordain’s paper titled “Cereal Grains: Humanity’s Double-Edged Sword,” Dr. Cordain discovered that Near East countries was the first to farm cereal grains just about 10,000 years ago. The people then had the lowest occurrence of Celia disease.

Moving North West, the agricultural spin only transpired about 3000 BC. The occurrence of Celia disease related to cereal grain exposure is the multistory, this tells us that the progression of adaption taking place among grain users is more evolved in Near Easterners than North Westerners. This goes to show us that our bodies don’t instantly become accustomed to foreign nutrients that easy.

There is usually two reasons why people consume soy milk. People believe that milk with calcium is essential for optimal growth and they have an allergy or lactose intolerance, which is found in milk. Take note of this, our body is still going through a learning process. We are still in the phase of learning how to metabolize cereal grain proteins. Those similar processes are still adapting to cow’s milk and still learning to adapt to proteins and sugars therein.

We are learning that gluten from flour can cause disease. Its been shown that soy products have the same effects on our physiology, our biological make up isn’t fully capable of undertaking this legume specifically, and its components.

Do Soy Protect Against Cancer?

There was a report from the British government. The report says that there’s no evidence that proves that soy protects against breast cancer or any other form of cancer. Non-fermented soy products can increase the cancer risk. The soy industry could not remove protein fractions from their soy products without damaging the remaining proteins severely.

This led the industry to promote the damaging plant compounds. These anti-nutrients reduces the nutritional value of a plant based food. This usually makes vital nutrients indigestible.

Are Soy Foods Nutritious?

Soy foods are not nutritious, no! Soy actually has natural occurring compounds known as phytates. Phytates are also found in grains and other seeds. Phytates prevent premature development and stores phosphorous that a plant needs to grow when its time for the seeds to sprout.

Phytic acid is a mineral blocker. Phytates block zinc, calcium, selenium, iron, and many minerals. If you have minor iron deficiencies, it can lead to fatigue, poor physical performance, a weak immune system and learning disabilities.

The crazy thing is that physicians are prescribing Ritalin, and a lot of people, especially parents that have children with learning disabilities, think that soy is the answer to health fulfillment!

Are Soy Foods Useful For Shredding Off Weight?

There are some clinical studies by the CHEK Institute. According to the CHEK Institute, most patients had hypo-thyroid symptomology. Hypo-thyroid symptomology is the under production of the weight metabolism controlling thyroidal hormones.

Moreover, vegans and vegetarians are known for using meat substitutes which are high in soy. When you consume soy milk regularly, powder and food that contains soy, it can lead to all sorts of issues like low sex drive.

High soy consumption is one of the many causes of blood sugar problems. In addition, soy products are high in the glycemic index, this is why people have blood sugar problems.

Soy is a source of protein. If you see protein written on the label of the soy product, that does not mean that your body will recognize the protein.

Are immune system will not recognize the protein. The protein won’t convert into human tissue effectively. For the most part, most vegetarians don’t realize that they are not getting ample protein. You need protein to help support the growth of new hormones and cells.

Will Soy Protein Supplements Help With Muscle Growth?

In addition, phytoestrogens are plant hormones. Phytoestrogens has estrogen effects on the human body, both male and female. When girls are consuming soy infant formulas, this causes them to grow prematurely. The girls that were exposed to soy infant formula, are more likely to have periods at an early age. Moreover, parents are unconsciously giving their children a hormonal, similar to five birth control pills per day!

The exposure of soy among young children, expedites the developmental process in young females. Boys typically have sexual development retardation. Moreover, this causes disease and hormonal disorders.

Healthier Soy Alternatives

First of all, there is some healthy alternatives that you can choose from.

Moreover, you should take this in consideration; every single individual on planet earth is not created equal.

Everybody has a different metaphysical response to certain things. Consequently, I don’t recommend non-fermented soy protein and that is for various reasons cancer being one of those.

Additionally, I do have some healthier recommendations. There might be a list of soy protein powders that might catch your attention.

As you go through your decision process of deciding which is best for you, just remember, take small dosages of soy protein and decide what works best for you.

Natural Nutra Organic Soy Protein

VANILLA VEGAN PROTEIN POWDER — This soy protein powder is laced with non-GMO with a lot of antioxidants, minerals, phytochemicals, and isoflavones. High quality and healthier than other most soy formulas.

SUPPORTS MUSCLE GROWTH — This is great for mixing. You can mix it with smoothies, juice, yogurt, and cereal. This can help boost your overall health and prevents muscle atrophy. Most protein powders contains whey, whey, which is a dairy product containing lactose. This soy protein powder is lactose free protein.

NATURAL NUTRA IS CERTIFIED POTENCY— As you see, Natural Nurta is made in the USA. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified environmentally friendly facility also certified by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and registered with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

NO TOXINS ON THE CONTAINER — Natural Nurtra seals your non-GMO vegan soy protein powder in a high quality container that keeps it well-preserved. Every single container contains 16 ounces of gluten free and vegan lactose free protein powder.

TRUSTED BY AMAZON SHOPPERS — Organic Soy Protein Powder has a 99%+ positive feedback rating. This is why I recommend it or at least one of the reasons why I recommend it. All in All, one of the reasons I like Natural Nutra is because if anything is wrong with your order, they will make it right. You can return your supplement within 30 days for a full refund if you like.

Sports Soy Protein Isolate

Like a lot beans, soy beans are a natural source of great quality vegetable protein. Soy beans are very low in fat and carbohydrates with an excellent amino acid profile.

Additionally, soy protein has been the subject of a lot of different studies. Non-GMO soy  provides many benefits for health. It supports a healthy cardiovascular function. The FDA has approved the following health claim for soy protein. “25 grams of soy protein in a daily diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol can help reduce total and LDL cholesterol that is moderately high to high.”

NOW Sports offer both Soy Protein and Soy Protein Isolate from sustainably harvested, non-GMO soy beans. Their soy protein products is a great way to mix beverages you like.

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Soy Protein

This dairy-free, gluten-free, unflavored, unsweetened powder is an easy way for vegans and vegetarians to supplement their protein intake.

Bob’s Red Mill is an awesome way to enjoy shakes, smoothies, pancakes, and bars.

Red Mill’s Soy protein powder is Vegetarian, Vegan, Kosher and Gluten-Free

You get 17 grams of complete protein per serving

Soy Protein Powder is a healthy alternative to animal protein as a plant-based dietary source of complete protein. I’ve tried this and It is easy to digest. It has very little flavor and blends smoothly in liquids so you can add it to drinks and other foods.

You can add this soy protein powder to smoothies, protein shakes, yogurt, hot cereal, soups, granola bars, protein bars, pancakes, muffins, brownies, cakes and breads.

Bulksupplements Soy Protein Isolate Powder

  • You get 90% pure protein. This product uses all natural soy.
  • Bulk Supplements is Lab tested for verification & guaranteed purity
  • It is Rich in amino acid source
  • Free of additives & preservatives
  • Useful for you if you are allergic to regular whole milk laced with lots of sugar

Soy Protein Isolate Powder, 100% Protein from Soy – Powered by SUPRO

Soy Protein Isolate is one hundred percent natural. Fitness Labs provides a convenient way to add the benefits of vegetarian soy protein to your diet.

25 grams of protein and Gluten Free. Soy Protein Isolate is made from non-GMO Soybeans. It includes a scoop and a wide-mouth-container that makes it easier to use than small-mouth-container.

Great tasting and if you have stomach issues you won’t have to worry about stomach aches.

I’m a victim of suffering stomach aches from processed whey protein, this is why Soy Protein Isolate is something I recommend.

Organic Vegan Protein Powder Unflavored Smoothie Mix

COMPLETE 100% VEGAN SUPPLEMENT: No Egg, No Animal Products, No Yeast, No Nuts, No Gluten, No Dairy, NoN-GMO, & 100% Kosher Powder.

Organic Protein is a good choice for any Vegan’s looking to increase their protein intake. It can also help contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

Their Plant Based Protein is a way of consuming a high protein shake free of dairy & eggs. Additionally, Blenditup Protein Powder is Free from GMOs, growth hormones, pesticides, and other unhealthy stuff.

HOW TO USE : This protein is a perfect way to use for smoothies at least in my opinion. It definitely tastes good in a fruit smoothie. You can add it to yogurt, or with juice and ice!

Moreover, Blenditup’s protein contains probiotics which supports digestibility and muscle function.

This mild blend is an excellent source of protein that enhances your meal, anything from soups and smoothies to pancakes and vegan cookies.

Blenitup’s ORGANIC PROTEIN POWDER has a creamy, great tasting texture that l think you will love. Surprisingly, it mixes rapidly with any beverage of choice.

The smoothie mix does contain soy by the way, I forgot to mention.


HEALTH BENEFITS: A protein food strength or weakness is based on the quality & quantity of its essential amino acid profile for healthful growth effects.

Protein quality may therefore be judged by its essential amino acid yield per serving. Good amount of protein per serving with essential amino acids loaded with extra vitamins and nutrients to fuel your healthy lifestyle.

Optimize recovery after workout. Nutrient Timing for Optimal Recovery, Weight loss, Nutritional & Immune System Booster.


Swanson Soy Protein Powder

Swanson Organic

Swanson Organic Soy Protein Powder is a 21.7ounce container. It has a vegetable dried taste to it.

Vegetarian, Organic, Non-GMO

Good for digestion and gut health.


Overall, xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens from sources such as plastics doesn’t have similar effects on the cell that human estrogen molecules do. Consequently, estrogen receptors does not recognize foreign estrogen compounds when attached to the human cells. All in All, the estrogen effects causes serious damage to the body overtime.

Many hormones are connected in a web-like relationship. Additionally, when we disrupt the symmetry of one hormone, it creates a wavelet effect throughout the entire hormonal system, and the body.

Consequently, non-fermented soy is something that I don’t recommend, but you do have that freedom of choice to decide what you like best.

I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite, but I had my fair share of non-fermented soy protein.

In my non-biased opinion, I highly recommend fermented or organic soy protein powder.

Be safe, play it safe and choose wisely.

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