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  Adequate Protein is Indispensable! Did you read the title correctly. An adequate and sufficient amount of protein is needed and should be taken in consideration daily. Before I start talking about the essential attributes


Adequate Protein is Indispensable!

Did you read the title correctly. An adequate and sufficient amount of protein is needed and should be taken in consideration daily. Before I start talking about the essential attributes of ample protein in the body, I’ll begin this post with the intake of protein needed or something along that line.

Protein Intake

Research has shown that most humans really need about 20 to 30 grams of protein at a time for muscle building and repair processes. If your consuming an extreme amount of protein on a daily basis especially if your doing it in one sitting then your not really helping yourself as you think.

Consuming protein and I mean a large amount of it in one sitting only forces the protein to be stored as energy or fat. In other words, your protein will be used as energy or stored as fat. Please understand that a large amount of protein is not “saved for later” like carbohydrates or fats. This is an issue with a lot of people that are mislead by the protein hype, as I like to put it.

Moreover, protein shakes that contains 30 grams of protein can help the process of storing fat in your body or simply giving you energy. Just know and understand that protein shakes are superfluous, and real food is more efficient.

Spread your Protein Intake Throughout the day

There are studies that says that people are getting ample protein on a daily! Studies show that people don’t get enough in the morning. Its been shown that people eat two to three times the amount they need at dinner time. For optimal muscle growth, three to four meals or snacks that have about 30 grams of protein should suffice.

Protein powders may help increase the protein in your diet, like if your eating it with an egg sandwich then the content of the protein is enlarged. There is nothing wrong with mixing protein powder with smoothie or cereal. But all you really need is real food and you can always add more protein in your diet with real food.

According to my understanding and knowledge, there’s no research that shows protein powders or supplements having a greater impact on your health than a meal that has an ample amount of protein from regular food.

Have some Protein at Every Meal

Protein actually helps by storing glucagon in the body. This mobilizes fat from storage and converts it to energy. When your eating carbohydrates alone, without the influence of protein, your stimulating insulin and fat storage instead. If your trying to lose weight make sure your eating your protein each time you eat. Also, try to eat your protein portion of your snack or meal first. So, if your trying to lose weight, this shall help manage the intake.

How to become a Lean Mean Protein Machine

So, the more muscle mass you have, your metabolism is quicker. Basically, your metabolic rate operates at a faster pace. And when your metabolic rate is higher, you will need more calories. It’s simple as the saying build muscle, burn fat.

If your not consuming ample protein you will not build muscle plain and simple. Your body will  force itself to break down your current muscle tissue to fulfill its protein requirements. Make sure your eating enough protein.

Understanding Protein and its effect on the Nervous System

Usually when we think about protein we typically think about muscle, right? Protein+Powder=Muscle Gains! Actually, protein plays a tole on the autonomic nervous system. Protein stimulates the sympathetic branch. 

The sympathetic nervous system is important because it helps increase your metabolic rate. If your not taking in enough protein well then, this will cause parasympathetic dominance. Parasympathetic dominance slows down the metabolic rate by default. On the other hand just remember that protein+sympathetic system+ increased metabolic rate= strength!


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2 thoughts on “Lean Mean Protein Machine

  1. I lost a lot of weight eating mostly protein, veggies and fat – in other words no carbs. Is it okay to have some fat with the protein as long as you are working out? The problem is I eat a lot of protein but sometimes I like to eat cheese and almonds too. I’m worried I might be missing the point if I do that

    1. It sounds like you may have had a balanced diet of proteins, fats, and carbs on a 50/50 percent ratio. If you lost weight by getting approximately 50% of your calories from carbohydrates, and 50% from proteins and fats, then you should be just fine eating fat and protein. Just make sure your protein intake is more than your fat intake.

      Meat, poultry, and dairy would be Protein, fruits, vegetables, and grains would be Carbohydrates, and oil, nuts, meat and cheese would be Fats. When your eating red meats, fowl, seafood, dairy, legumes, nuts how do you feel? When your eating fatty meats, fowl and seafood, dairy, nuts, seeds, oils, butter, how do you feel?

      If the majority of your meal is protein and fats and  your bodies response is great, then you should have no problem eating a higher amount of protein and fat. Most food that are mainly protein, contains natural sources of fats and oils. So with that being said, your requirement for fats can be met by consuming protein foods and making liberal use of oils and fats. Just make sure your eating more protein than fats. I hope that helped if you have any other questions, I’ll be more than glad to answer them. 


      Oshea Bose   

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